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Our Engagement Story is a repository of wedding proposals - A place where “happily ever after” stories are celebrated daily.
Sara, Ryan, & Rob

A story that was 6 years in the making.

On July 23, 2007, the domain name OurEngagementStory.com was registered with the intention of creating the site that you see before you, but for over 6 years the site laid dormant. Instead of existing as a virtual soapbox for people to share their stories of happiness and true love, it was merely one of many ideas stored in my little black book on my home office bookshelf. Now I could come up with several reasons to explain why that didn’t happen, but instead I’ll tell the truth — I was missing my muse.

Enter Sara.

Sara and I met back in 2007 while I was at work (I was always at work during that season of my life). She started working in a nearby GNC that I occasionally went to. As soon as I saw her I found myself trying to find ways to talk to her daily. So I started drinking a lot of protein smoothies. It was an expensive habit, but there was something about Sara that made me want to be around her as often as I could.

Situations being what they were, things never progressed past the casual conversation stage and when I changed jobs we lost contact. Several years passed by without us talking to one another but, thanks to Facebook, we reconnected and our relationship quickly grew into something amazing.

Sara and I have been together for 2 years and life feels like it should have always been this way. When talking about dating, I like to use the analogy of puzzle building, and it’s clear that our pieces were made to go together. Sara has changed my life. Not only has she helped me to see that there’s more to life than feverishly climbing the corporate ladder, but her and her son, Ryan, continue to teach me just how amazing life can be on a daily basis.

As my love for Sara has grown so has my desire to be with her forever. As my thoughts turned towards marriage, I remembered that I owned this domain. Turning to it’s pages in my little black book and reading what I had written assured me that now was the time to share my idea with the everyone. For several weeks I worked on the site while the rest of the world was asleep. It was worth it because OurEngagementStory.com is now something more than a neat idea in my head.

A little bit about me.

I’m Rob Schultz, a Pittsburgh-based wedding photographer and all around hopeless romantic. I spend my weekends photographing weddings in and around the Pittsburgh area. Every time I pick up my camera and head to “work” I’m overcome with this blessed feeling. It’s a privilege to be able to spend so much time with the bride and groom (arguably more than anyone else) on their wedding day.

During our time together I usually get the inside scoop of how the couple met, what their feelings were and are, and ultimately their wedding proposal. I just love these stories. They’re too good not to be shared. As a result, this site was built to showcase stories of love for one another.

Thank you for visiting this site and sharing in all of these wonderful memories. I’m especially thankful to all of the people who so happily submitted their stories

prior to launching this site to help me get enough content. You all rock so much!

If you would like to get in touch for any reason — I’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch ASAP.

God bless,
Rob Schultz