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Contest: Delayed

You were probably hoping that this post was going to be an announcement about our September contest. Me too. August’s contest was a lot of fun, and we’re very much looking forward to getting the next contest up and running. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to postpone it until the end of this month. Truthfully, September was just a Read More

Absolutely Our Kind of Perfect

On the walk over to my bag, where the engagement ring was carefully concealed, my mind began to race and my knees became shaky. I wasn’t worried about whether or not she would turn down my proposal, but…

And the winner is…

The past two weeks have been very exciting for With 17 stories in our first contest, we knew that choosing the favorite wedding proposal was going to be quite a challenge. We were right! The lead changed several times over two weeks. Ashely & Martin’s engagement story took off to an early lead, but they were Read More

Vote for Your Favorite Wedding Proposal — August 2013

It’s hard to believe that has been live for a month already. During that time period we received 17 great engagement stories. All of them have been entered into our August contest and now have a chance to win a $200 Gift Card. We’ve read each story, and honestly we’re happy that it’s not up to us Read More

We’re giving away $200!

Here at Our Engagement Story we’re not only interested in reading your stories — we want to reward you for them! Those that make their wedding proposal a memorable one by treating it with the respect and dignity that it deserves should get something special for their efforts. So we’re going to hold a contest Read More