Contest Delayed

Contest: Delayed

You were probably hoping that this post was going to be an announcement about our September contest. Me too. August’s contest was a lot of fun, and we’re very much looking forward to getting the next contest up and running. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to postpone it until the end of this month.

Truthfully, September was just a very busy month for us. In addition to our normal every day activities we all got über-sick, wrote some exciting new content for Curious Little Kid

, and photographed weddings in the Pittsburgh area. The pot overfloweth.

Even with our attention drawn elsewhere, a handful of stories were submitted throughout September, but there’s quite a few more sitting in our inbox that we didn’t get to posting yet. Since we’re playing catch up here we decided to delay the contest until we can do just that.

Thank you for understanding and be sure to check back on our site at the end of this month or like our Facebook page

to be notified when the contest goes live. If you still haven’t submitted your story yet — What are you waiting for? Get it in. The clock is ticking! 

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