hello world.

After existing for 6 years as an idea and another 2 months as a work in progress, Our Engagement Story is finally live. My hope is for this site to grow into a place where “happily ever after” stories are celebrated daily — a repository of wedding proposals and engagement ideas.

While I can’t predict where the site will go over time, I know that it wouldn’t be live without the great contributions from friends and family. A special thank you goes out to those that were so gracious to share their stories with you and me:

There are many more submissions on their way, and I hope that you stop on by to join in the fun — Whether you subscribe to our newsletter for periodic updates or share your story.

Did you know that all stories submitted in our first month are entered to win $200? Find out more here.

Last but not least, I’m extremely grateful to my other half, Sara, for being so patient while I spent our small amount of free time over the past couple of weeks working on this site. To read more about us, visit the About page of this site. Enjoy the site. If there’s anything that I can do to make it more enjoyable please use the Contact page to let me know.


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