The other 4 Cs of Engagement Rings

The “Other” 4-C’s of Engagement Ring Shopping

If you’ve ever read anything about engagement rings then you know that everyone talks about the 4 Cs:

Cut — Often times, considered the most important of the 4 C’s, the better the cut, the brighter the diamond appears.

Clarity — The smaller blemishes and less frequently they occur, the more valuable and rare the gemstone

Carat — Carat weight is the standard measure of a diamond’s weight. Rarer diamonds are the larger diamonds

Color — Diamonds come in a wide array of colors. A diamond is more valuable the more colorless it is

However, there’s four more C’s that I would argue being far more important when entertaining the thought of purchasing an engagement ring for your loved one.

Cost — De Beers, the 800 lb gorilla in the diamond business, successfully marketed the myth that one should spend no less than 3 months salary on an engagement ring. With an average salary of $43,000/year, an engagement ring should cost roughly $10,000. That’s one honkin’ huge ring, and completely unnecessary. For that much it should come with a set of keys, an engine and 4 wheels. Going into debt is a bad decision especially for a discretionary purchase. Buy what you can afford, and if your significant other isn’t appreciative then as Jeff Foxworthy would say “there’s your sign”.

Character — The difference between other gems and diamonds is that we as a society place a greater value on the diamonds. Though it’s the popular choice, a wedding band doesn’t have to have a shiny near-colorless diamond as the centerpiece. Listen to your partner. But if you do decide to go the diamond route then spend some time looking at the different kinds of bands that are available. There’s so many styles. You’re bound to find one that speaks to you.

Charade — How do you find your partner’s ring finger size without letting on? Do you hijack one of her rings and get it sized? Do you go as far as buying a ring sizer to do your own research in her jewelry box at home? Or do you solicit the help of a close friend to take her out and trick her into getting the intel for you? Regardless of your approach, try to keep the charade that you’re a clueless dolt and that marriage isn’t at the forefront of your mind.

Creativity — The last C is in regards to the presentation of the ring. This is a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life. Do you slowly tilt back the lid to reveal what’s inside? Do you hide it in her favorite dessert? Or is it attached to something awaiting her discovery? Be creative. You can do it.

So when you’re out there, shopping for the ring to perfectly symbolize your relationship consider all eight C’s to ensure that you make a sound decision. Let us know how it goes!

  • Aly

    This website is adorable. Did you come up with the other 4 C’s yourself?! My engagement ring is as simple as you can get, but I am in love with it. My husband knew me so well :)


  • Pat

    - James, they look awesome! I have to admit, the engegament photos were certainly not something I was looking forward to, but after seeing these, I am amazed! They are awesome, and I feel like I’m staring at a magazine on my coffee table when I look at some of them. Samantha did an excellent job of choosing the right photographer, and you captured everything she was after! I couldn’t ask for anything better, and I know she can’t either! The pictures are beautiful, and you have made my fiance feel like the princess she is .which makes me the happiest guy around! Thanks for all your time, help, and effort. I am looking foward to seeing the wedding photographs (which for me is a shocker!)


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