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I tried to move my hand, but the arm was powerless, paralyzed, hanging at my side with liquid fire. " I choked out as I stumbled into the bedroom. "Oh please and I fell across the still unmade bed. Nothing, not childbirth nor the kidney infection, matched the pain I was now experiencing. Gradually it subsided and strangely enough, I dozed off. When I awoke, moments later, the sun was streaming through the big bay window in the bedroom. Tiny dust particles, like elves on a golden staircase, were dancing up and down the sunbeam.

I found a room at a nearby motel and collapsed into bed. My own heart was beating wildly, but I let my mind wander back in years to a scene that took place when Rob was eleven. He had been playing in the backyard. Jack and I were having tea when Rob came running into the kitchen. " Jack reached out and rumpled Rod's hair. " A few minutes later Rob burst through the door back into the kitchen. "I told God what you told me," he grinned. Jack smiled and nodded. Then seriously he added: "Look, Rob, write that down in your Bible, that on the 17th day of May, 1956, you accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

He reached for the ignition key, but collapsed over the steering wheel. Near panic, I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him back in the seat. He tried to say something but his voice was slurred. He had lost control of his movements. I knew in an instant what it was, for I had walked that path myself. It was a stroke. I jumped from the car, frantically waving my arms at the passing traffic. A car full of old-age pensioners pulled alongside. " the driver said, peering through the window. "Oh, no," I said, tears streaming down my face.

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