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By Carl Wickland

Vintage publication on Spiritism, psychic study, after-death.

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Why is that man around her? Is he her husband? Lady, what does he hang around you for? What's the matter with You? Do you like him so well that you want him to stick to you like glue? Dr. Ask him how long he has been dead. Sp. He sure is an ugly thing. I'm afraid of him. He looks like he wants to fight. Dr. Ask him how long he has been dead. Sp. Dead? He sticks so she can't move without him. Whenever she moves, he moves. He seems to me like a monkey. Mrs. B. Say, take him away with you, will you?

I wanted to see Eckholm to ask him if ghosts could come back - and there I was a ghost myself! Then I came to this circle and I found I could talk, and after a while the door opened, opened to that beautiful land beyond. I wish you could see the reception I had. My relatives and friends all opened their arms to me, and said: “Welcome to our home in spirit! Welcome to that everlasting life! ” Such a reception cannot be described until you see it for yourselves and are with us. ” I will not take any more of your time, but I am glad that I could come and talk tonight.

Sp. Can I jump from this body into a spirit body? Dr. Your sister will explain. Just think yourself with your sister. You do not need any physical body for that purpose. Sp. I am commencing to get sleepy. Dr. Go with your sister and follow her instructions; you will learn many new lessons in the spirit life. Take all the gang and the little imps with you. Sp. (To spirits) Now you come along with me, all of you, the whole lot of you. Dr. Will they all go with you? Sp. Now we are going. Come on, the whole gang of you.

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