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We will be able to make a distinction. If all of us recycled our Sunday papers, lets keep over 500,000 bushes every week! plenty of find out how to keep our planet.

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It is regrettable that historians have given scant attention to this somatic culture. (Corbin 1986: 173) 44 Down the gurgler: Historical influences on Australian domestic water consumption Towards the end of the nineteenth century, Corbin observes, the ‘somatic culture’ was characterised by the progressive ‘deodorization of private space’. First in England, and later in France, the bathroom was being purged of unpleasant smells, and transformed into a ‘sensually neutral and innocent space’ (Corbin 1986: 175).

People’s sensitivity to smell, good and bad, not only changed over time, it also varied from one contemporary society to another. In his fascinating book The Foul and the Fragrant, the historian Alain Corbin (1986) notes the contrasting sensibilities of the nineteenth-century French and English. The relative indifference shown by the French to cleanliness, their rejection of water, their long tolerance of strong bodily odors, and their continued privatisation of excrement and rubbish cannot be explained solely by a secret distrust of innovation, by relative poverty, or by slow urbanization.

He is magically transported into a kind of watery paradise where, freed from the cruel tutelage of his earthly master Mr Grimes, and washed clean from the soot that had once covered him from head to foot, he joins the happy company of water-babies. ’ Nothing, his young reader is assured, can go wrong ‘as long as you stick to hard work and cold water’ (Kingsley 1863: Chapter 8). A belief in the benefits of cleanliness and cold water became one of the pillars of a more general code of respectability, shared by working-class secularists as well as middle-class Christians.

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