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The process of crafting the personality into what you desire to be is life-long -- achieving true absolute perfection is not po ssible as phy sical h uman bein gs. The best we can hope for is to be constantly involved with actively improving ourselves. At any rate, to get back on track with the concerns of Step One: It is tempting, during the con struction of y our list , to rely up on t he li st of f aults associated with t he "Four Tem pers" that Ba rdon incl uded in t he IIH text. I advise against this as the items he lists are too general.

Just inside the circle write the following: Above the Fire line, put 'Hot', and below, put 'Dry'. Above the Water line, put 'Wet', and below, put 'Cold'. To the left of the Air line, put 'Wet', and to the right, put 'Hot'. To the left of the Earth l ine, p ut 'Cold', and t o the rig ht, put 'Dry'. At the ce nter of t he circle where your two lines intersect, place a heavy dot and label it "Depth Point" or "Aethyr". If you want to colorize your CEF, you will need to again divide your circle, this time, into eight parts.

Please take a moment to draw one for your own study (or at l east visualize along with my description). 5 cm) diameter. Draw a vertical line, from edge to edge, through the center point of the circle. Then draw a corre sponding horizontal l ine through t he ce nter point. , an equal-armed cross within a circle. Now label the poles of the cross. Writing just outside of the circle, put 'Fire' to the right, 'Water' to the left, 'Air' on top, and 'Earth' at the bottom. Just inside the circle write the following: Above the Fire line, put 'Hot', and below, put 'Dry'.

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