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By Katia Pizzi

Poised among the Mediterranean and the Mitteleuropa, crossroads of civilizations and seat of brilliant cultural and literary lifestyles, Trieste is now stated as having fun with unrivalled cultural prestige among Italian towns. This quantity, the 1st finished learn of Triestine literature in English, initially reassesses Trieste+?s literary identification, paying specific recognition to the interval among 1918 and 1954 whilst neighborhood writing turned intensely conscious of its neighborhood specificity and a few of its imperative motifs got here prominently to the fore. Trieste+?s singular border id, reflected in a variegated literary output, emerges right here as encumbered with complexities and ambiguities, comparable to the debatable thought of triestinita, the ambiguous relation with nationalism, particularly in its Fascist inflection, and the anxieties generated by means of repeated re-definitions of the area+?s historic borders.

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Mi sembra di uscire da un tempo rettilineo, che procede diritto lasciandosi il passato alle spalle, per rientrare in un tempo discontinue e contraddittorio, che va avanti e indietro ritornando ogni volta su se stesso, sospendendo la successione delle cose e rendendole tutte simultanee'. ] tutto coesiste ed e contiguo'. 35. See C. Magris, Microcosmi (Milan: Garzanti, 1997; trans. Iain Halliday, Microcosms [London: Harvill, 1999]), p. ' 50 A CITY IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR and after the Cold War channelled money that was made available locally by the many banks, building societies and insurance companies in Trieste towards cultural investments and in particular the publishing industry.

Why has Triestine literature been critically codified and canonized, unlike other regional literatures in Italy? The first definition of a Triestine literature is generally attributed to Pietro Pancrazi who, in a frequently quoted essay dedicated to Giani Stuparich and dated 1934, declared, Mi pare proprio si possa affermare che esiste oggi una letteratura triestina. Non si pecca di rettorica o di regionalismo dicendo che, negli ultimi trent'anni, si e rivelata a Trieste una famiglia di scrittori, poeti e prosatori, diversi, ma in qualche modo consanguinei, intonati tra di loro.

27. Mutterle, Scipio Slataper, p. 77. 28. See Abruzzese, Svevo, Slataper e Michelstaedter, p. ] partecipa ideologicamente al mito di una societa in ascesa. ' 29. After 1936 the Axis equalized Trieste's imperial past to Nazi Germany under a generic 'Germanic' umbrella. Trieste then became a veritable bulwark that, in defending its own past, upheld Fascism's most fateful political and military alliance. 30. Among the dead were Enrico Elia (1891-1915), Carlo Stuparich (1894-1916) and Ruggero Timeus Fauro (1892-1915).

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