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In fact, these samples are what provide us with the initiation, "that is"—as MerleauPonty explains in The Visible and the Invisible, commenting on Proust's thought—"not the positing of a content, but the opening of a dimension that can never again be closed, the establishment of a level in terms of which every other experience will henceforth be situated. The idea is this level, this dimension. It is therefore... the invisible of this world,... the Being of this being" (W198/151). " The sensible idea thus turns out to be marked by a temporality—to which also the term "initiation"36 refers—which is similar to the one that marks the rhythm of a melody.

In fact, Merleau-Ponty consistently emphasizes the way in which currents of twentieth-century scientific inquiry decisively converge. According to him, they converge in "emptying of evidence" the opposing causalistic and finalistic conceptions of Nature—which he considers "concepts of artificialism"—(RC 117/151) along with the idea of the separability of existence and essence4 (which he holds to be equally artificial). Melody and Species Merleau-Ponty sees a contribution to this kind of "emptying of evidence" in Jakob von Uexkull's theories.

The "Lettre du voyant" becomes an emblem of this contemporary conception, since there the autonomy of language is pushed to such a point that poetry is supposed to be voyance. This is why Merleau-Ponty considers Rimbaud "a fundamental milestone within a development of literature which began before and continues after him" (NC 187). Echoing that "mutation of the relationship between humanity and Being" that Eye and Mind sees expressed by painting, Merleau-Ponty writes: "It might be the case of a change of the relationship with the Being in the writer starting from Romanticism" (NC 187).

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