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By James C. Lin (auth.), James C. Lin (eds.)

This is the 3rd quantity within the sequence, within which the subject of the consequences of radio frequencies on human tissue, now more and more a priority with the superiority of cellphones, is explored through Prof. Lin and different researchers. The impression of electromagnetics on imaging and cardiology, either very willing components of analysis at the moment, can be explored.

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Biological materials may be considered as conducting media. • Biological bodies or models are small compared to a wavelength at ELF and other low frequencies. COUPLING MECHANISMS FOR RF RADIATION The coupling of incident RF radiation into biological tissues is influenced by the geometry and composition of the exposed body and the frequency and configuration of the source. , handheld, land mobile, base or broadcast station. As an example, the incident field strength ranges from 3-10 Vim (24 to 265 mW/m2) at typical far zone distances from a wireless telephone base station [Lin, 1997].

1997]. This discussion will summarize SAR distributions inside homogeneous and inhomogeneous phantom head models. A particular interest will be the coupling mechanism of RF energy from hand-held cellular telephones and other personal communication systems. , 1999]. These efforts are complicated by the variability of electric and magnetic fields in the near zone of the antenna, and also by the wide array of possible device positions and tilt angles of the antenna during normal operation. Thus, an intended use position and an a'lgle of 30° are often adopted in these investigations for a given device.

The nuclei are often the elements of large molecules, and the term lattice of spin-lattice relaxation usually means the whole environment of the molecular complex. Spins have magnetic features affecting each other. Here, the magnetic flux density of the external static field actually experienced by a spin is varied by other spins. For this reason, spins placed in the same static field precess with slightly different frequencies, and phases of spin precessions become incoherent. Thus, T2 or spin-spin relaxation takes place.

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