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1 9 - 4 4 . , Baltimore. 28 Proceedings Third International Symposium on Aerobiology 5. Symposium on medical problems presented by the Tristan da C u n h a community (1963). Trans. R. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg, 57, 19. 6. MacLean, A. L. (1919). Bacteriological and other researches, Scient. Rep. Australas. Antarct. , 7 (part 4), 127. 7. Sladen, W. J. L. (1965). Staphylococci in noses and streptococci in throats of isolated and semi-isolated Antarctic communities, / . , 63, 105— 116. 8. Cameron, A. S. and Moore, B.

23. , Hill, A. , Topley, W. W. C. and Wilson, J. (1936). Experimental Epidemiology, Special Report Series N o . 209, Medical Research Council, London. TABLE Preparations tested for storage 1 of micro-organisms at reduced temperatures Agar 0-2% Ascorbic acid 001% Casein, isoelectric 2% Casein, purified 27c Casein, technical 27c Caseinate, sodium 27c a Gelatin 0 - 5 % , 2 % , 57c a Gelatin (27c) + skim milk ( 5 % ) Gelatin phosphate diluent a a 10%, 2 0 % , 5 0 % Horse serum Horse serum ( 2 5 % ) + s k i m milk (57c) Lactalbumin 27c Lactalbumin hydrolysate 27c Nutrient broth 1-5%, 37c Parenamine a Peptonized milk 3% Proteose peptone 0-2% Saline Skim milk 0 - 5 % , 5%, 10% Skim milk (5%)+gelatin ( 2 % ) + s t a r c h (0 0 5 % , 0 1 % , 0-5%, 1%) Skim milk (5%)+gelatin ( 2 % ) + h o r s e serum ( 1 0 % ) + s t a r c h (0 0 5 % , 0 1 % , 0-5%, 1%) Stuart's amino acid 1-5%, 3 % Stuart's medium Thioglycollate a Preparations giving 90 to 100% recovery after 6 weeks at — 7 0 ° C .

7. Crew characteristics associated with URL A study was made of medical histories, familial and other personal characteristics of crew members on Patrols V through VIII in an attempt to establish attributes associated with an increase in respiratory infections. The assumption was made that the frequency of elicited symptoms during a patrol provided an index measuring resistance to respiratory infection which could be related to crew characteristics obtained from individual questionnaires completed by each crew member.

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