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By Colin Wilson

Is the near-death event a protection mechanism of the mind or have humans really been at the threshold of one other global? Colin Wilson assesses the facts that includies mediumship, paranormal job, spirit sightings, and spirit communications. chiefly, he contains the notable case histories of people that declare to have "died, " and mentioned their reports of the afterlife.

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Argues that extraterrestrial beings are intentionally trying to create a breed of alien-human "hybrids" who will ultimately colonize - and keep watch over - Earth. The textual content is basically in line with the testimony of individuals kidnapped via extraterrestrial beings.

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He asked the chauffeur, but the man looked blank. ’ They drove back to the river bank; the body of the child was lying in a few feet of water … An extraordinary story, certainly one which most people would dismiss as preposterous. But there is a certain amount of circumstantial evidence in its favour. Sutro was a famous playwright of his time, and would presumably not tell lies for the fun of it. And the fact that it was his only psychic experience also suggests that it was genuine. It was not.

An apparition delivers a warning. The red scratch case. Sir William Barrett’s case of a death-bed vision in a maternity hospital. Sir Oliver Lodge and the Raymond case. The ghost of the chimneysweep Samuel Bull. ‘Death is the end of all’. The red pyjamas case. Jung: ‘… the spirit hypothesis yields better results than any other’. 5: Rediscovering a Masterpiece Sarah Hall sees her own ghost. The problem of the ‘psychic double’. Goethe sees his ‘doppelgänger’. Myers’s Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death: ‘probably the most comprehensive work ever written on the subject of the paranormal’.

Steiner’s vision of spiritualism as ‘access to inner worlds’. ‘Inwardness’ is the beginning of spiritual life. Steiner’s intercourse with the dead. What happens after death. Whately Carington’s fourth-dimensional theory of life after death. ’ Thomson Jay Hudson cures an elderly relative. Steiner and reincarnation. Myers and the ‘group soul’. The case of Lurancy Vennum. Lurancy Vennum ‘becomes’ Mary Roff. The Alexandrina case. The Pollock twins. The case of Shanti Devi. The case of Swarnlata. The case of Jasbir Lal Jat.

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