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By Barry Eaton

For the hundreds of thousands of people that enjoyed To Heaven and Back, Heaven is for Real, and Proof of Heaven,
a hot and specific account of lifestyles among lives—and our lives to come

What occurs whilst a person dies? What does it consider like? What precisely is the sunshine on the finish of the tunnel? Is reincarnation actual? And if that is so, do spirits have any impact over their lives to come?
in accordance with his personal impressive reports speaking with those that have omitted, Barry Eaton solutions those questions on the spirit global, and plenty of, many extra. Taking the reader on a trip in the course of the realm of the spirit, the writer info the entire strategy of crossing into the subsequent existence, from the adventure “home,” to adapting to new dwelling stipulations within the afterlife, or even delving into what different types of actions could be to be had there, and the way we will be ready for our personal own journey.
This e-book will provide desire, alleviate worry, and supply convenience for a person who has questions or matters approximately existence after death.

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When it departs the body dies. You only have to see a dead body to realize the life force has departed. The spirit, however, being pure energy, lives on. Believe it or not, the soul can even be weighed. In one bizarre recorded experiment, a man was weighed by his doctor just before and immediately after death. The difference was found to be approximately ¾ of an ounce (21 grams). Our higher self (Ego) is pure spirit. It’s that part of us which is immortal. The higher self resides in the world of spirit and controls the other three bodies: the physical, etheric and astral.

It runs through all the major organs, glands, nerves and energy centers supporting and sustaining our physical body. It impacts our health and life energy. The etheric body is invisible to most people. It is what we see when we begin to view auras, and looks the same as the physical body. This first layer fades and disappears a few days after death. The next layer, the astral body, is best described as our mind, or consciousness. After the energy from the etheric body is cut off after death, the astral body returns to what are generally known as the astral planes.

This gave me further proof of contact. Later Ruth told me that I had been “given permission” to contact Judy directly and instructed me how to do it. Spirit is wonderful in the way it prepares us for what we most need, often months, if not years, ahead. By this stage I was already versed in automatic writing and psychic communication, following on from my studies in astrology, so this was how Judy and I started our communication. Ruth told me that I was to find a little bell and ring it as the signal to make contact with Judy.

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