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Here are twenty-six dinosaurs as they've got by no means been noticeable prior to. Dramatic work and engaging new details offer younger dinosaur fanatics with the newest evidence approximately generic dinosaurs resembling Maiasaura, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex, and introduces newly found creatures equivalent to Quaesitosaurus, Riojasaurus, Xenotarsosaurus, and Zephyrosaurus. operating, struggling with, leaping, slashing, nesting, and sleeping--these are the dinosaurs in all their glory.

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Q uaesitosaurus was related to the giant American plant eaters. Its cousins include Apatosaurus (you may know it as Brontosaurus) and Diplodocus. Scientists have been able to find only one Quaesitosaurus skull, but they have determined that the dinosaur was a large, long-necked plant eater. R iojasaurus walked on four legs, but its long neck made it easy for this dinosaur to eat leaves from high in the trees. At times it may have stood on its rear legs and tail to reach food. Riojasaurus (opposite, below) was a dinosaur with long, thick legs and a small head.

Does this mean that the dinosaurs were failures? No! Most plants and animals that have ever lived are extinct. Our study of the fossil record shows that most kinds of animals only live for a certain amount of time. Most mammals that are extinct lived for 1 or 2 million years. Some kinds of snails and clams lived for 10 to 12 million years before becoming extinct. Dinosaurs survived for 160 million years, making them far more successful than human animals, who have only been around for about 2 million years.

Some scientists think that the dinosaurs became extinct because they couldn’t adjust to new forms of plant life, or that diseases killed off whole populations. But we may never find the evidence to say if these theories are right or wrong. The sad fact is, we may never know for sure just what killed off the dinosaurs.

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