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That is a much more readable manner of presenting Horace’s piece of mind than embedding it within a regular paragraph. The quote environment was responsible for the margins being indented on both sides during the quote. This example has also been used to show how the commands that begin and end an environment restrict the scope of commands issued within that environment: The \em at the beginning of the quote did not affect the text following the quote. We have also learned here that if we use \em within already emphasised text, the result is roman type—and we don’t require an italic correction here because the final letter of ‘all’ was not sloping to the right.

1 Introduction In text-only documents we saw that our task was to describe the logical components of each sentence, paragraph, section, table, etc. When we tell LATEX to go into mathematical mode, we have to describe the logical parts of a formula, matrix, operator, special symbol, etc. TEX has been taught to recognize a binary operation, a binary relation, a variable, an operator that expects limits, and so on. We just need to supply the parts that make up each of these, and TEX will take care of the rest.

And even if one does understand the mathematics, LATEX is there to make sure that you adhere to accepted typesetting conventions (whether you were aware of their existence or not). So one could type either $f(x, y) = 2 (x+ y)y/(5xy - 3 )$ or $f(x,y) = 2(x+y)y / (5xy-3)$ and you’d still get the correct result f (x, y) = 2(x + y)y/(5xy − 3) . 52 There are some places where this can go wrong. For instance, if we wish to speak of the x-y plane then one has to know that it is an endash that is supposed to be placed between the x and the y, not a minus sign (as $x-y$ would produce).

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