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Whether or not peeled, which have been steamed or boiled and crushed Fibre Starch Moisture The meal obtained by grinding barley, as grown, which shall be the whole grain together with only such other substances as may reasonably be expected to have become associated with the grain in the field and which contains not less than 96% pure barley Fibre Ash Moisture Pea meal Flaked potatoes Barley meal Optional declarations r I 5' § § i | § m Table 3 Meaning Compulsory declarations Optional declarations Bean meal The meal obtained by grinding commercially pure beans of the species (1) Vicia faba or any of its varieties, commonly known as 'horse bean', 'field bean' or 'broad bean' or (2) Phaseolus vulgaris, the 'true haricot bean' or any of its varieties white or coloured Protein Fibre Ash Moisture Maize feed meal By-product of the manufacture of flour or semolina from maize Starch Fibre Ash Moisture Protein Oil Maize meal; Indian meal The meal obtained by grinding commercially pure maize or Indian corn, as grown Fibre Maize bran By-product of the manufacture of flour or semolina from maize.

T h e register is to b e preserved for a period of six m o n t h s commencing on t h e first day of which n o n e of t h e material referred to in t h e register r e m a i n s on t h e premises for sale. T h e seller shall m a k e and k e e p the register. Declaration of ingredients N o p e r s o n shall sell a c o m p o u n d feeding stuff which refers to t h e presence of any ingredient unless the statutory statement lists all t h e ingredients p r e s e n t in t h e c o m p o u n d feeding stuff either individually or in appropriately described categories of ingredients of like characteristic or n a t u r e , or a combination thereof, in descending o r d e r of p r o p o r t i o n by weight.

7 Undesirable substances It shall b e an offence, u n d e r Section 74A(3) if a sampled portion of a c o m p o u n d feeding stuff which is sold or offered for sale to any k e e p e r or b r e e d e r of animals is shown by analysis of t h e sample t a k e n from it to contain an undesirable substance in excess of that permitted as a m a x i m u m as shown in Table 5. W i t h regard to c o m p l e m e n t a r y feeding stuffs, they shall contain directions for use which are w o r d e d with the object of ensuring that: a) that c o m p l e m e n t a r y feeding stuff is used only as part of a daily ration, and b) that daily ration contains n o m o r e of the said substance than the level specified in relation t h e r e t o for complete feeding stuffs.

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