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By Anna Maria Horner

Книга по вышивке оригинальных мотивов в различной технике вышивки. Яркие полноцветные фотографии,полные инструкции приглашают вас в творческий процесс. 24 мотивов рукоделия в этой прекрасной книге превратят ваш дом и гардероб в коллекцию уникальных сокровищ. Кроме того, каждый проект процесса вплоть до моделей, тканей и точное количество каждого цвета нитки помогут вам сделать своими руками заветные подарки на память.

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This would double the size of any pattern you are following, and you would likely want to increase the number of floss strands you use as well. When using a finer evenweave, I make all of my X’s cover over two warp threads and two weft threads. You can see the difference between these two cloths and how they are each stitched in photo (a). So keep in mind with evenweave that if you cover two warp and two weft threads as you stitch, the stitch count per inch will always be half what the thread count of the material is: 28 count will yield 14 stitches per inch, 32 count will yield 16 stitches per inch, and so on.

Eventually I did switch to a circular hoop because even though the fabric was firm enough to stitch across neatly without one, it was large enough that I didn’t want it flopping around as I worked. * By the time I got a lot of the work finished, I decided to try out a rolling wooden frame for the first time, which I really liked. This type of frame is best used on cloths that don’t have to be pulled too tightly because they are stretched only in one direction and left open on the sides. * Working on the black Aida cloth was a different sort of challenge than on a pale background.

So my first job was to go shopping for some garments to stitch on, keeping in mind the fact that I would be spending a little time on these pieces; I wanted them to be affordable but not too cheaply made.

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