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By Abigail Trafford

In this inspiring publication, best-selling writer Abigail Trafford describes how humans over fifty are rewriting the script of affection and within the method redefining the establishment of marriage for destiny generations. Drawing on interviews with 1000s of fellows and ladies, married and unmarried, homosexual and instantly, Trafford explores what it capacity to like and be enjoyed within the a long time after midlife—and deals options to the most typical difficulties that outline this era, akin to “retired wife syndrome” and divorce. clever and compassionate, As Time is going By is an important consultant to the pursuit of affection and happiness during this dynamic degree of life.

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It all adds up to retired spouse syndrome. Timing is important. Spouses are often out of sync. A husband, after thirty years on the job, is eligible to retire, while his wife, who may have postponed her career to raise children, is offered a promotion to a more demanding job. He wants out; she wants in. His career is ending, hers is taking off. He wants to move to South Carolina and play golf. She doesn’t want to leave where they live, where she has friends, a job, room for grandchildren—and a life.

0465002801-Trafford:Layout 1 11/18/08 9:39 AM Page 31 Retired Spouse Syndrome 31 Another critical factor in surviving retired spouse syndrome is the role of the individual. Reese takes responsibility for his depression, for his behavior, and for getting treatment. There is an “I” in marriage and it’s up to him to regenerate his health, his work, and his life in the wake of stepping down from the big job. The two “I’s” in a relationship can’t move on to a new chapter if one “I” balks or shuts down.

She can still feel the rainwater around her ankles. Mary is part of the Fault Line Generation, a cohort of men and women born in the 1940s, with one foot rooted in the more traditional 1950s, the 0465002801-Trafford:Layout 1 14 11/18/08 9:39 AM Page 14 As Time Goes By other foot thrust into the turbulence of the 1960s. Her social imprinting begins with Sputnik in 1957, a symbol of the technological revolution that cracked the complacency of the postwar years. It ends with President Kennedy’s death in 1963.

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