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By Melody Chia-Wen Lu, Yang Wen-shan

Regardless of lively scholarly curiosity within the phenomenon of cross-border marriage migration among Southeast and East Asia—a majority of which marriages are among males from wealthier areas and girls from areas which are much less economically developed—we be aware of little or no approximately who those girls are and why they decide to marry and migrate. This quantity offers an summary of the demographic styles and social concerns concerning cross-border marriage long ago twenty years, in addition to case stories that examine the residing reports and techniques of cross-border households within the host societies, sending groups, and transnational networks of countries like Japan, South, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

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The growing numbers of Asians living outside their country of birth constitute anchors in a rapidly spreading network of connections facilitating migration. The chain of migration has become a female migratory chain in which women have brought over other women – sisters, nieces, and friends – to marry future spouses whom they usually know as network members. Studies on processes sustaining marriage migration to Taiwan have shown that network-mediated marriage migration is most commonly found when the marriage migrants form a geographical concentration (Hsia 2002).

I noticed they were exchanging words excitedly. I tried to chat with one of them adjacent to me and found that she spoke some Mandarin Chinese. She married a Taiwanese man two years ago and just went back to Vietnam to bring her friend, whom she had known from her elementary school years, to marry her brother-in-law. That was the other woman sitting next to her. She told me that she was very lonely in Taiwan, and now with the company of her good friend, she expected to have a happier life. The second facilitator is the vast migration industry comprising migration agents, recruiters, travel providers, and even immigration officers who form chains linking Asian communities with overseas destinations.

A greater opportunity to meet potential spouses due to increased exchanges with foreign countries, and interaction with foreign ‘entertainers’ in Japan, can certainly be cited among the causes for the growth in cross-border marriages of non-Japanese women to Japanese men. However, the initiatives of local government and private matchmaking services for Japanese men and Asian women have also been an important cause. 2 Increase in the proportion of cross-border marriages in Japan, 1965-2005 7 6 Japanese husband and foreign wife Japanese wife and foreign husband Total 5 % 4 3 2 Source: Population Statistics of Japan 2007, Table 6-16 2004 2001 1998 1995 1992 1989 1986 1983 1977 1974 1971 1968 1965 0 1980 1 54 KAO-LEE LIAW, EMIKO OCHIAI, AND YOSHITAKA ISHIKAWA so that the term ‘bride famine’ was coined by the 1980s (Mitsuoka 1989: 13-15).

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