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They are often the repositories of important factors in the economic development, human indigenous well-being and environmental stewardship in Africa and biodiversity conservation and environmentally-friendly therefore need to be part of an integrated management (UNEP 2005). environmental management approach. knowledge and the promoters of Labour divisions may also be gendered. In rural Gender inequity, and its impact on resource Africa, for example, women and girls are almost always management, is shaped by many factors including the exclusive suppliers of water for household use unequal access to basic facilities, such as education and (Dankelman 2004).

It within the social unit (household, community, livelihood is important to recognize the valuable role urbanization system) that regulates access to and control over can play in stimulating the economy. The challenge lies resources and management responsibilities. Fourth, in reversing the current pattern, and enhancing the global population growth and the increasing demand for efficiency of and the value derived from natural fossil fuels and other resources, also places new stress resource use.

Highlighting among others, services delivery, increased The actions proposed focus on curbing ongoing environmental development degradation opportunities and offered the The Opportunities Framework emphasizes hope over Africa’s despair, resolution over regret, and strategic response seizing by livelihood options, adaptability and reduced vulnerability. environmental wealth. This involves going beyond traditional poverty eradication approaches and enhancing the capacity of people and institutions to over reaction.

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