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By Osborne Phillips

Come discover the astral realm. Meet spirit helpers and publications, achieve perception on previous occasions or attainable futures, and event freedom and experience you've got in simple terms dreamed approximately. Astral Projection undeniable & basic teaches you the way to venture simply, clearly, and appropriately. this entire consultant is accomplished in scope, with step by step directions for either easy and complicated thoughts. you will find some ways to profit, create, and easily rejoice at the astral aircraft, together with how you can: —Perform astral therapeutic options —Develop your psychic power —Create an astral "watcher" to assemble details —Increase your inventive and problem-solving talents —Experience astral love and intercourse —Encounter loved pets who've crossed over —Travel via time to discover earlier eras and locations —Meet elementals—the "native population" of the astral realm

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Neihardt, was first published in 1932. In it the author transcribes what was told him by Black Elk, a holy man of the Oglala Sioux. Some notable visions and astral experiences, both of Black Elk himself and of others, are recorded, but the decade was too early for the frank acceptance of these and probably, too, for the serious presentation of Native American history and ways of thought. Not until 1961, when in some ways the general viewpoint had been very considerably transformed, was the book reprinted (currently available editions: University of Nebraska Press, 1979-2001).

Take up your steady and deep breathing, as if asleep. 4. Raise your hands before you, against the dark background. This time, however, keep the fingers of each hand together and place palm to palm: the four fingers of your right hand should lie between the thumb and first finger of your left hand, with the right thumb outside the left thumb. The hands should be comfortably angled, not quite vertical, and not quite horizontal. Don't fold the fingers of either hand over the back of the other hand.

4. Mentally formulate your command, and then by an act of will send the Watcher off on its appointed task. 5. Be seated comfortably. Establish an even breathing rhythm. 6. When you are ready, make a mental resolution to receive the information that is being gathered by the Watcher. 7. Allow impressions to rise into your consciousness, interpreting them as they come into your mind. 8. At the conclusion of your session, stand up, and recall the figure or sphere. See it approach to within about eight feet of your physical body.

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