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Argues that extraterrestrial beings are intentionally trying to create a breed of alien-human "hybrids" who will ultimately colonize - and keep watch over - Earth. The textual content is basically in line with the testimony of individuals kidnapped by way of extraterrestrial beings.

Jack the Ripper and Black Magic: Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and the Supernatural Mystique of the Whitechapel Murders

Jack the Ripper is a gothic story of Victorian conspiracies, the supernatural, mystery societies and the police. Scotland backyard hunted a serial killer shrouded in politics because the mutilator of East finish prostitutes infused popular culture with demonic horror. This booklet makes use of historical resources and infrequent authentic studies to bare darkish and supernatural elements of the Ripper case.

Alien Dawn: A Classic Investigation into the Contact Experience

During this vintage ebook on UFOs, bestselling writer Colin Wilson, a well known authority at the paranormal, examines the facts and develops a definitive idea of the alien touch phenomenon. Alien sunrise covers Wilson's research into documented proof of wierd and unexplained phenomena, together with UFOs, poltergeists, historical folklore, time slips, out-of-body studies, mystical wisdom, and psychic shuttle to different worlds.

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Two. Feeling wonderful in every possible way. F e e l y o u r s e l f step o n t o the nice, w a r m rock T h r e e . B e c o m i n g aware o f y o u r s u r r o u n d - and lie down on its s m o o t h surface. Relaxed. ings and r e m e m b e r i n g absolutely everything Relaxed. Relaxed and so peaceful. T o t a l , c o m - that happened in the mind projection. plete, a b s o l u t e relaxation t h r o u g h o u t every Four. F e e l i n g better than you've felt in ages. part of your body. And five.

Allow the muscles Allow the relaxation to move into your neck. of your toes to relax m o r e and m o r e with every F e e l all the tension fade away and enjoy the b r e a t h y o u take. Allow that wonderful relax- relaxation moving into every part of your body. ation to s p r e a d to every p a r t of your feet and L e t the relaxation move into your face. F e e l up to y o u r ankles, relaxing m o r e than you've the m u s c l e s a r o u n d y o u r eyes relaxing and ever relaxed before. then let the relaxation move right up to the top F e e l that relaxation as it m o v e s up into your calves and into your knees.

T h e problems arise if they wake up in the years. He explained that he was unable to recall more course of traveling. than two questions as he found that "the print seems Consequendy, if your need to astral travel is extreme- clear enough until one tries to read it; then the letters ly strong, you will find it much easier to leave your body become blurred, or run together, or fade away, or change than will someone else who is merely curious. 60 • Astral Travel for Beginners T h e Astral World • 61 A cousin of mine was concerned about her daughter, A day or two later a letter arrived from her daughter, who was living thousands of miles away in Turkey.

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