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By Cathy Beylon

Twenty-nine illustrations of creatures in recreations in their common habitats comprise seahorses, a dolphin, fiddler and horseshoe crabs, seals, and different aquatic animals.

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The starting point is a scale drawing that details how the bones and muscles fitted together. Based on this, an armature (framework) is built from wire and wood. A sculptor shapes modelling clay around the armature, adding in details such as bones and skin texture. The clay model is used to create a rubber mould, so that a resin version can be cast. Finally, the cast is handpainted and airbrushed. Wire and wood armature Preliminary sketch Finished clay model Rubber mould DIGITAL DINOSAURS Computers now create superb 3-D reconstructions of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, such as this pareiasaur (right).

The bone has a very complicated shape and was buried in very hard rock, so it took a very long time to prepare. The faint scratches that can be seen are where rock remains to be cleared. AN ACID BATH Sometimes, in laboratories, vats of acid are used to dissolve away rock from fossils without damaging them. The chemicals used in this process can be very dangerous, so protective clothing must always be worn when lowering the fossil into the vat. IN DEATH THROES Baryonyx is shown here as it looked after it died.

Fossilized ammonite A MASS EXTINCTION Many other creatures died out at the time of the dinosaur extinction. Whatever happened seemed to affect some creatures, but left others unscathed. Ammonites (above left), a type of shellfish, became extinct, as did the mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and ichthyosaurs, groups of meat-eating marine reptiles (above right). Sea crocodiles died out but the river crocodiles survived. The flying reptiles, pterosaurs, disappeared, but birds were unaffected. Iron meteorite fragment Iguanodon ischium (hip bone) Shaft of ischium bent forward after repair 48 Section of hadrosaur backbone Vertebral spine THE BEGINNING OF THE END A Tyrannosaurus rex is shown fleeing in terror as a meteor hits the Earth.

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