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By Prof. Dr. Peter Otto, Prof. Dr. Klaus Ewe (auth.)

The first component to this paintings is dedicated to a attention of the sensible facets of the proctoscopic exam and hence offers the indicators for appearing a proctologic assessment, the knowledge that could be got from the patient's clinical background, an instance of a preprinted info shape to be used within the recording of the physician's findings, the guidance and positioning of the sufferer, and the initial exam of the anus together with the electronic rectal exam. The tools had to practice proctoscopy are simple, and the elemental instruments are low-cost. The tools at the moment to be had don't relatively range from one another other than in minor info. within the textual content, accordingly, now we have in basic terms defined the prototype tools, and information about the professional­ posed merits of any specific device could be bought from its manufac­ turer. The concluding element of the textual content describes how the proctoscopic and colonoscopic examinations are played. The atlas itself is a topographical stratification of some of the ailments which may contain the perianal sector, the anus, and the adjoining parts of the massive bowel in addition to their class in accordance with morphologic standards, for instance, inflammatory bowel illnesses and tumors. considering that many pathologic findings within the rectum and sigmoid colon are resembling these within the higher parts of the big bowel, a duplication of those proctoscopic and colonoscopic illustrations has been avoided.

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Schematic representation of the position of the rectoscope in relation to the endoscopic appearance of the bowel. a Introduction of the rectoscope in the direction of the umbilicus: view of two semicircular folds, valves of Houston or Kohlrausch ; anterior portion of the rectal ampulla. b Lowering of the handle; view of the rectal ampulla, posterior portion. c Lifting of the handle; rectosigmoid junction at 15 cm. d Further penetration with the rectoscope; convoluted sigmoid folds . 24 a b c d 25 Rccto igmoid junction igmoid 15 - 17 --- ---- - cmicirc ular fo ld Valve of Hou ton 11 - 13 8-9 Peritoneal rcncction Lcvator ani 5-6 Folds of Morgllgni 4- 5 ~ -..

Wochenschr. : Proctosigmoidoscopy. In: Gastroenterology, 3rd ed. L. ), Vol. II. : Rectal biopsy in inflammatory bowel disease. N. Engl. J. Med. : Atlas der praktischen Proktologie. : Practical proctology, 2nd ed. C. : Proktologie fur die Praxis. : Tumors of the large bowel. Series MPCS 8. : Atlas der praktischen Proktologie. : Clinical proctology. 1 Endoscopic Instruments Flexible instruments that are available for use in exammmg the large bowel include the short fiberscopes (650-1050 mm in length) for sigmoidoscopy and the long fiberscopes (1250-1865 mm in length) for colonoscopy.

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