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This publication entrances us, and our 3-year outdated son (who will hear as lengthy my voice holds out!) it truly is choked with photos of fossils, first-class illustrations, and genuine details. It has not one of the silliness and sloppy considering that the majority kid's books imagine is suitable. as an alternative, it has attention-grabbing, actual info - prepared by way of issues which are sufficiently small to slot inside of a 3-year old's consciousness span, yet fascinating and academic for me, too. Todlers and adults gets as a lot details as they could seize, and all take pleasure in and research from the good images and illustrations.

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Even the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex could not survive extinction. SLOW DEATH The dinosaurs died out gradually, perhaps over a period of several million years. Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the last dinosaurs to become extinct. MAGNOLIA FLOWERS Flowering plants may have contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Many of these plants would have been poisonous, and any herbivorous dinosaur that ate them may have died. Many carnivores, which fed on herbivores, would then have died because of lack of food.

WELL ARMOURED Polacanthus had a protective coat of nodules and overlapping bony plates. Such tough armour would have deterred hungry enemies. CROCODILE SCALES Crocodiles have a tough and leathery skin of lumpy scales. Just below the skin along the back, large bony plates, called scutes, add to the skin’s toughness. The skin of crocodiles and other reptiles is also waterproof, keeping body moisture in but water out. 44 Bony nodule Crocodile skin in close-up Nodules were ridged in the middle. NODULES AND SPIKES Euoplocephalus had bony nodules set into its leathery skin.

Many of these plants would have been poisonous, and any herbivorous dinosaur that ate them may have died. Many carnivores, which fed on herbivores, would then have died because of lack of food. VOLCANO THEORY Many volcanoes were active during the Cretaceous period. There were vast lava flows in the area that is now India. This would have poured huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, causing overheating, acid rain, and the destruction of Crocodiles have not the protective changed much in ozone layer.

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