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Colors may also be blended within any one open space. The direct paint-on dyeing technique may be done with strong concentrated dye solution. A simple substitute, though relatively more costly, is waterproof ink. These inks come in a good range of brilliant colors and combine well for intermediate hues. Available in % -ounce bottles, they are suggested for small designs, such as silk handkerchiefs. If one is to use them for Brushing on the first application of vmx. The fabric is placed on waxed paper so that wax seeping through will not cause the fabric to stick to the work surface.

The second color is also slightly darkened by combination , with the first. 30 8. Fourth dyeing in black After the fabric has been dried for The fabric is immersed in the third After the fabric is dry following the brown are The remaining exposed areas color (in the demonstration, chestnut third dyeing, areas to remain waxed out. as before. brown) following the usual procedure. The chestnut brown dye combines with will be dyed the wax the second color to produce a rich, in this case, black. warm brown.

The thin cement is applied by dripping from the brush or brushing directly on the paper. When it is dry, watercolor or ink run be brushed over it. After the color wash has dried, the cement is rubbed off, leaving exposed the paper it liad covered. Traditional Batiks GALLERY OF EXAMPLES Batik (rem India, incorporating writing and figurative designs pattern. in a lively overall Courtesy, Standard Oil Co. (N. ) •{. Parang Kusumo (fifth pattern from Java. variation) batik -V Courtesy, Republic of Indonesia Parang Rusak selen batik design from Java.

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