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10 Both the Blois account book and the surviving ship‘s papers from the Prudence allow a more microhistorical and prosopographic approach to the maritime history of the English Northern Invasion of the Mediterranean. Both sources bring forcibly to mind the A case in point: Lara Putnam, ‗To Study the Fragments/Whole: Microhistory and the Atlantic World‘, Journal of Social History, xxxix (2006): 615-630. 8 Maria Fusaro, Uva passa: una guerra commerciale tra Venezia e l‟Inghilterra (1540-1640) (Venice, 1997), the prefazione to which (vii-viii) is written by Giovanni Levi.

69 2 THE ENGLISH IN THE MEDITERRANEAN, 1600-1630 A Post-Braudelian Perspective on the ‗Northern Invasion‘ Colin Heywood If a measure of the greatness of a work, or at least of its influence on successive generations of historians, is the frequency with which it is used in either acceptance or rejection as the starting point for further enquiries, then Fernand Braudel`s La Méditerranée would appear to stand at the pinnacle of European historiography of the previous century. 2  My thanks are due to a number of participants in the Exeter workshop, in particular to Cornell Fleischer, Nabil Matar, Nicholas Rodger and David Starkey, as well as to my two coeditors, for their comments and critical observations on earlier versions of the present study; naturally, all remaining sins of omission or commission are mine alone.

A few related items are scattered throughout SP 16 and there are also some documents in SP 93/3 (Tuscany), fos. 110-126, which clearly derive from the Prudence‘s stays at Livorno. 43 The ten Lion‟s Whelps were fast pinnaces ordered to be built in 1628 by the duke of Buckingham in the vain hope of overmastering the Flemish privateers operating out of Dunkirk. The Seventh Whelp did not survive for long after its encounter with the Prudence. It blew up in action later in the same year, when the gunner‘s mate entered the powder magazine with a lighted match (Rodger, Safeguard of the Sea, 390, 407).

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