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By Mary Stimming, Maureen Stimming

Sooner than Their Time provides grownup teenagers survivors' (defined as 18 or above on the time of the parent's dying) bills in their loss, grief and determination following a parent's suicide. in a single part, the booklet deals the views of little children at the deaths of moms; in one other, the views of little kids at the deaths of fathers. In a 3rd part, 4 siblings consider the shared lack of their mom.

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Yet, survivors are often embarrassed or ashamed Page xv of how their loved one died. They do not want people to think less of their loved one because of the suicide. My position is that while suicide can be labeled a bad way to handle pain, the deceased person is not bad, nor is the family. Survivors feel isolated from the world around them. Most people do not understand what it means to lose someone to suicide. Thus, it is most helpful for survivors of suicide to interact with each other and support each other and learn from each other.

We hope that this collection of first-person accounts will stimulate academic and clinical interest in this area such that further study will yield improved professional response to this group of survivors. It has been thirty-six years since my mother killed herself. It seemed to me that I was finally ready to share how I felt about the event itself, that is, until I started writing. My daughter read my first draft and pointed out that it was like a news report. I gave the who, what, Page xx wheninterestingly, I left out the how and where.

After my mother's death, I did research into her younger life. " Did her suicide mean that I would ultimately commit suicide? How was I going to avoid going down the same path as my mother? I was scared and wanted a different life for myself. Now I am confident that I am making choices that bring health and well-being to my life. Another blessing of midlife is that I no longer feel so unique. I felt isolated when I was one of the few people I knew who had lost a parent, particularly to suicide.

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