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By Ethel Rolt-Wheeler, Austin Osman Spare

This booklet is a facsimile reprint and should comprise imperfections reminiscent of marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages.

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Then he must get up, for unless we were to strain every liness ; . . . : ; muscle, we could not keep starvation at bay. mist lay on the land as I took the bucket to the well. The wretched harvest, not yet cut, shivered in the low fields. A cold All the summer, hailstones and cruel drought had been fighting against the earth, and the thin poverty of the rye and oats that survived was scarcely life. There was not a and the stretch of fields looked The water spilled about the well bleared and haggard.

So I agonised for them during the years and ten times the awful masses of Good Friday fell ; upon the soul, monotonous, like the falling of earth upon a grave. But after this a strange light began to mingle with my vision of the little village in the faces of the people, still my imagination, there appeared a new peace; the ; vivid to very stones of the streets and the rafters of the houses were luminous. Sometimes the hill seemed to uproot itself and hang before me suspended, transfigured, in a radiance that was not of earth and I took this for a sign that my prayers had been heard in high heaven, and that the blessing of God rested upon the people for whom I so fervently strove.

Yet lest my feeble powers should dissipate in the vast regions which were so near to me, and my prayers fall short and lose their efficacy, wanting a definite form, I chose to make the village near by, which clung about the hill where my father's castle stood, the centre of my entreaties, praying for the PAST INCARNATIONS 22 poor and the miserable and the diseased, that I had halfseen down foetid alleys as I rode forth to the chase. So for these people, for these my people, I importuned Heaven with passionate fervour, with persistency of appeal, imploring pity for their sufferings, forgiveness for their sins; imposing upon myself penances for their misdeeds, taking upon myself the burdens that oppressed them, bearing for their sakes the cross of affliction, and the frequent darkness of spiritual despair.

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