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By Julius Novick (auth.)

Beyond the Golden Door is the 1st ebook dedicated to exhibiting how Jewish playwrights of the 20 th century have dramatized the Jewish come across with the United States. Questions dealt inside of this examine contain - How do you stability outdated global background with new global chance? What does it suggest to be a Jew - or to be an American, for that matter?

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Everybody on that stage was furious, kicking, alive—the words, always real but never flat, brilliantly authentic like no other theatre speech on Broadway . . my mother and father and uncles and aunts [were] occupying the stage in Awake and Sing by as much right as if they were Hamlet and Lear. ” The Bergers swim in Jewishness without thinking about it, the way a fish swims in water. Their lives are pervaded by American circumstances and American values, to which they respond in a very Jewish manner—or rather, in several very Jewish manners.

Her father used to be the governor of some state—Connecticut, I guess it was. . Well, you know the way all these society dames are, sort of proud and haughty. ” She, of course, is an unmitigated stereotype: the Rich Bitch. 32 Beyond the Golden Door But what a coup, what a symbol of attainment it is, for a Jewish upstart to have carried off this spoiled WASP ice princess! Rice only hints at the Jewish/Gentile aspect of it—Cora’s snooty children from her previous marriage are aware that their stepfather, whom they dislike, is a Jew—what he explicitly shows us is a marriage between an upstart and an aristocrat.

Oh blue sky, oh fragrant air—” But the real “new land” has been a cruel disappointment to him, and to all the Bergers except Uncle Morty. ” Jacob is aware of the pervasive forces that assail Ralph: In my day the propaganda was for God. ] Now it’s for success. A boy don’t turn around without having shoved in him he should make success. . He dreams all night of fortunes. Why not? Don’t it say in the movies he should have a personal steamship, pyjamas for fifty dollars a pair and a toilet like a monument?

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