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By Albert Lucas, Jennifer J. Watson

This article applies bioenergetics to aquatic animals and explores its position in aquaculture and fisheries technological know-how. It seeks to supply a compact account of bioenergetics in aquaculture and make clear difficulties encountered within the parts of fisheries and

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Part of the surface of the enzyme (E) shown in grey is the active site which allows the correct connection of the two molecules which must react. , 1983). 4 Variations in speed of enzymatic reaction as a function of pH: example shown is that of urease (after Weil, 1989). 5 Influence of temperature on the rate of an enzymatic reaction (after Weil, 1989). 2 Enzymatic catalysis Efficiency of enzymatic catalysis The following example is borrowed from Bègue and Jayle (1975). A catalyst brings molecules into contact, orientated so that they must react so well that it is no longer necessary to increase the statistical probability of molecular collisions by heating the reactants.

E. 4. This means that energy gained from fermentation will ultimately become apparent oxygen consumption after the period of anoxia. 44 Bioenergetics of Organisms: Concepts It should be noted with respect to this how delicate measurement of oxygen consumption can be. If, before this measurement, the animal was subjected to some trauma leading to a suspension of normal activity, it might, during the measurement, be in a phase of oxygen debt payment, which obviously would not reflect its usual metabolism.

10 Transfer of phosphate groups from energy-rich donors to low-energy acceptors by the ATP-ADP system. The scale of potential of phosphate groups used here corresponds to the transformation ∆G’×10-3, the units being cal mol-1 (Lehninger, 1978). 2 Chemical work or biosynthesis In the cell, endergonic synthetic reactions do not oppose exergonic degradation reactions. As Aubert et al. (1974) write, ‘these two metabolisms are closely associated, not only in that one is the provider of chemical potential and the other the consumer of this same potential, but also in that the carbon bonds necessary for the synthesis of metabolites are taken from different points of the degradation pathway….

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