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By Mahmoud A. Saleh, Jerry N. Blancato, Charles H. Nauman

content material: Biomonitoring for pesticide publicity / C.H. Nauman, John A. Santolucito, and Curtis C. Dary --
Modeling cytochrome P-450 mediated acute nitrile toxicity utilizing theoretical linear solvation strength relationships / George R. Famini, Leland Y. Wilson, and Stephen C. DeVito --
adjustments in biochemical and molecular organic parameters triggered by way of publicity to dioxin-type chemical substances / Alan Blankenship and Fumio Matsumura --
legislation of muscarine receptors as biomarkers of publicity to pesticides / Amira T. Eldefrawi, David A. Jett, and John C. Fernando --
Correlations of molecular connectivity indices with toxicities of natural nitriles / Gordon G. money --
Computer-aided molecular modeling for improvement of biomarkers for human publicity to insecticides / Mahmoud A. Saleh, Cecil Wallace, Jr., and Jerry N. Blancato --
A biosensor for tracking blood cholinesterases as a biomarker of publicity to organophosphorus anticholinesterase insecticides / Mohyee E. Eldefrawi, Kim R. Rogers, Nabil A. Anis, Roy Thompson, and J.J. Valdes --
Hair as a aim tissue for constructing a organic marker for precursors to 2,5-hexanedione / Deadre J. Johnson, Leon Lack, and Mohamed B. Abou-Donia --
Hemoglobin adducts of insecticides / Frank C. Schnell --
Immunoassay for p-nitrophenol in urine / Kim R. Rogers and J.M. Van Emon --
Isolation of pesticide-binding protein from rat blood / G.L. Larsen, K.L. Davison, J.E. Bakke, and N.M. Bass --
physique burden and nonoccupational publicity overview / John A. Santolucito --
persistent organophosphorus publicity : biomarkers within the detection of immune disorder and the advance of lymphomas / David S. Newcombe, Ali M. Saboori, and Ahmed H. Esa --
Validation of a pharmacokinetic version to foretell publicity of flooring growth mixer-loader-applicators to chlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicides : comparability to traditional techniques / D.G. Baugher --
Dermal absorption and disposition of formulations of malathion in Sprague-Dawley rats and people / Curtis C. Dary, Jerry N. Blancato, Mark Castles, Vijayapal Reddy, Michael Cannon, Mahmoud A. Saleh, and Gordon G. funds --
Physiologically established pharmacokinetic versions : examples in their use in publicity and probability evaluation / Jerry N. Blancato and Mahmoud A. Saleh --
Prediction of anticholinesterase job and urinary metabolites of isofenphos : use of a percutaneous physiologically dependent pharmacokinetic-physiologically dependent pharmacodynamic version / J.B. Knaak, M.A. Al-Bayati, O.G. Raabe, and Jerry N. Blancato --
Analytic answer of a linear physiologically dependent pharmacokinetic version prototype important in threat evaluation / Robert N. Brown.

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We understand that cytochrome P4501A1 induction, for instance, is a very sensitive and specific method to monitor relative effects of these chemicals. However, we also know that it has a number of drawbacks, the most important one being that it is an unsuitable indicator of the lethal effect of dioxin-type chemicals among various animal species. Furthermore, these chemicals are known to cause a variety of symptoms in different tissues and, therefore, we do need additional bioassay methods on sensitive types of cells expressing specific lesions that are unrelated to cytochrome P450s.

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115 T L S E R descriptors Ttj t q. 057 log(l/LD,5o &) exp calcd resid ' . Logarithm of the octanol/water partition coefficient; obtained from ref 18. Molecular volume. Polarizability index, d Molecular orbital acidity. Electrostatic basicity, f Theoretical reaction rate constants statistically corrected for metabolism at other positions; obtained from ref 18. g Acute median oral lethal dose i n mice, mmol/kg. Λ Calculated using equation 6. ' Residual; exp minus calcd log(l/LD5o) values. 7 Obtained from ref 9.

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