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By E. P. Abraham, G. G. F. Newton (auth.), David Gottlieb, Paul D. Shaw (eds.)

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MILLER: N-hydroxylation: A new metabolic reaction observed in the rat with the carcinogen 2-acetylaminofluorene. J. BioI. Chern. 235, 885 (1960). DULANEY, E. : Further studies on the formation of N-formyl hydroxyaminoacetic acid by penicillium. Mycologia 55, 211 (1963). DULANEY, E. , and R A. GRAY: Penicillia that make N-formly hydroxyaminoacetic acid, a new fungal product. Mycologia 54, 476 (1962). EMERY, T. : Isolation characterization and properties of fusarinine, a <5-hydroxamic acid derivative of ornithine.

S. 39, 583 (1953). : Biosynthesis of aspergillic acid. l BioI. Chern. 236, 512 (1961). : Biosynthesis of pulcherriminic acid. Biochem. l 96, 533 (1965). MICETlCH, R. , and l C. MACDoNALD: Biosynthesis of neoaspergillic and neoh ydroxyaspergillic acids. J. BioI. Chern. 240, 1692 (1965). : Some aspects of microbial iron metabolism. Bacteriol. Rev. 21, 101 (1957). SNOW, G. : Isolation and structure of mycobactin T, a growth factor from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Biochem. l 97, 166 (1965). STEVENS, R.

It should be stressed that the rapid incorporation of formate and glycine represents de novo synthesis of hadacidin. Control experiments demonstrated that hadacidin is a stable end-product of metabolism. The formyl group of preformed hadacidin did not exchange with radioactive formate added to a culture actively synthesizing hadacidin. Although N-hydroxyamino acids are found widespread as components of hydroxamic acids, free N-hydroxyamino acids have not been reported as cellular constituents. A search for traces of N-hydroxyglycine in extracts of P.

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