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New glance! Relaunched with new jackets and eight pages of recent textual content! here's an exhilarating and informative advisor to the attention-grabbing international of chook existence. outstanding colour pictures of feathers, wings, skeletons, eggs, nests and newly hatched chicks purely days previous supply a distinct "eyewitness" view of the average historical past, habit and lifestyles cycle of birds. See how child chicks hatch from eggs, how nestings develop of their first few days, how birds camouflage themselves opposed to predators what birds devour and the way they trap their prey. learn the way birds' our bodies are designed for flight, why wings are diverse styles and sizes, how birds developed from their prehistoric ancestors and that are the world's largest, smallest, slowest and quickest birds. become aware of how and the place birds make their nests, why eggs are diversified shades, what number feathers birds have and what every one is for and the way to observe birds and allure them on your backyard, and masses, even more!

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Nest made of reed flower, grass, and feathers Thorn tree twig Reed warbler with nestlings Nest chamber Reeds Entrance Grass strands A REEDBED BASKET The reed warbler’s nest is slung between dried stems deep in a reedbed. Building the cup-shaped nest calls for some acrobatic skill, especially since the different stems to which the nest is attached often blow about in the wind. The nest is held in place with “handles” similar to those on a basket, and both male and female birds build on these foundations by adding reed flowers, grass, and feathers.

Like most waders, the curlew lays its clutch in a “scrape” on the ground. Curlew RECORD INCUBATION CONCEALED IN THE TREETOPS AT THE WATER’S EDGE The gray heron builds its nest high in the trees, so its blue eggs are rarely seen in one piece. When fresh, this egg was bright blue, but the color has faded over the years. Loons are freshwater fish-eating birds. They are clumsy on land, so they lay their dark brown eggs right by the water’s edge to reduce the risk of damage. 1 lb (500 g). Albatross eggs have the longest incubation period of any bird: parents sit on a single egg for two and a half months.

Their pellets are smooth and sometimes have pointed ends. Pellets that have been on the ground for a while often crumble to reveal a mass of protruding bones and tangled fur. Shell fragments A VARIED DIET Wing cases of beetles mixed in with plant material Beetle leg All these pellets are from little owls. They show how a bird’s diet can change the appearance of its pellets. The smaller pellets contain fur and earth - the earth having been produced by a meal of earthworms. The larger pellets also contain earth and small amounts of fur, but packed into this are the legs and wing cases of beetles.

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