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By H. Lee Jones

With approximately 600 pointed out species of birds--and a typical of 5 "new" species came across annually--Belize is changing into a birding hotspot for newbie birders from world wide. millions of birders stopover at the rustic every year to get pleasure from Belize's impressive abundance and diversity of either temperate and tropical birds in traditional habitats that stay mostly unspoiled. yet previously, regardless of the becoming desire for an authoritative id consultant, birders have needed to depend on neighborhood box publications that supply simply restricted details on Belizean birds. Birds of Belize presents the 1st entire consultant to the identity of all at present identified species--574 in all. The birds are grouped via households, with an creation to every relations that highlights its uniquely picking features and behaviors. The species money owed contain the entire information useful for box id: clinical and customary names, dimension, plumage gains, thorough voice descriptions, habitat, distribution, and standing in Belize. complete colour, expertly drawn illustrations through famous poultry artist Dana Gardner current female and male, juvenile and grownup, and easy and exchange plumages to assist visible identity all year long, whereas 234 variety maps express the birds' distribution and seasonality in Belize. A entire bibliography completes the amount.

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