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Shelly was a local school teacher who also worked part-time in Crewel World. The 28 Monica Ferris “nice room” was doubtless Shelly’s sewing room. Who had persuaded Shelly to let him stay there? Betsy could not imagine Shelly volunteering to do such a thing. Leona said, “It’s stopped raining. Why don’t you walk—” “No,” Ryan said sullenly. “It’s cold out, an’ I’m thirsty. ” “For Chrissake, it won’t hurt you to be kind to a thirsty man! Harv has a kind heart, he’d give me a beer if I asked him. ” That’s right, thought Betsy.

Requested someone. “Out till next summer,” said Roger. ” Betsy was dismayed when almost everyone ordered beer or ale. Nothing, in her opinion, was more likely to further slow things down than a round or two of beer. She ostentatiously ordered apple cider, and because she was thirsty, she drank almost half of it at once before she realized it was hard. To soak it up, she ate a miniature chicken salad sandwich and two crackers—the cheese on them was a pale Irish cheddar—and asked for a cup of tea.

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