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By Raymond Buckland

Buckland’s ebook of Saxon Witchcraft was once one of many first books to discover Wicca from a solitary point of view. initially written 30 years in the past to right abuses he observed taking place in covens, Buckland provided Wiccan seekers an introductory textual content on Saxon witchcraft or Seax-Wicca, that are practiced on my own.

Buckland provides meticulously researched details at the frequent culture of Saxon witchcraft. He writes cogently and informatively concerning the background, mythology, religious practices, and witchcraft of Saxon England.

Buckland’s publication of Saxon Witchcraft contains every little thing the solitary witch must perform Seax-Wicca, together with:

• Descriptions of the Saxon deities and motives in their basic ideals

• An creation to the mystical runic Saxon alphabet

• a variety of unique Pagan songs

• a range of Seax-Wiccan recipes for intoxicants

• directions for initiation ceremonies, the 8 Sabbats, marriage, beginning, and loss of life rites

• an evidence of the artwork and perform of Saxon Galdra or magic and the divination and natural lore used for defense, love potions, and therapeutic

• The Seax-Wicca ceremony of Self-Dedication, which permits participants to shape their very own covens and begin themselves into the Craft

An imperative instruction manual for solitary witches or for witches in covens who are looking to discover Saxon witchcraft.

Originally released because the Tree: the full booklet of Saxon Witchcraft (ISBN: 0877282587), this version bargains a brand new creation by way of the writer to steer a brand new iteration of witches into the paintings and perform of Seax-Wicca.

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