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And therefore there is cessation of all conflict psychologically. Because meditation implies tremendous energy required, not just sitting in some silly corner and repeating something or other. There is a lovely story of a patriarch, wise and all that kind of thing, and a disciple comes to him and sits cross legged in front of him and closes his eyes. " "Meditating, sir". " So he picks up two stones, the patriarch picks up two stones and rubs them together. "! So concentration. Then what is attention?

So I must understand myself. Therefore I can understand myself not according to some psychologist, Freud and all the rest of it - I must understand myself, not through somebody. Q: You can never be sure that you are not deluding yourself. K: I am going to show you, sir. I must know myself, not according to any philosophy, according to any scientist, according to any psychiatrist and so on, not according to any system. I am understanding the system, not myself. You see the difference? Now how do I understand myself without any deception, otherwise I have played a wrong game, at the end of it I am deceiving myself.

I am questioning, I am saying, to understand oneself one has to see what our relationship is to nature, the trees, the world of nature, the reality of nature, the beauty, the depth and the glory of nature, and also the society. I am related to society. And I say I am different from society. I say we are not we have created this society. Right? That's a fact, sir, isn't it? Let me finish this. Just a minute, please. We have created this society. Thought has created this society, the culture of a particular society.

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