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Kalkulierte Flexibilität: Strategisch entscheiden in einem volatilen Umfeld (German Edition)

Unternehmenslenker stehen jeden Tag vor der Herausforderung, die strategisch richtigen Entscheidungen treffen zu m? ssen. Bei der Entscheidungsfindung m? ssen sie aktuelle und zuk? nftige Rahmenbedingungen sowie Handlungsalternativen ber? cksichtigen. Die Autoren haben mit dem "Total Value"-Verfahren ein device entwickelt, mit dem der Wert einer Entscheidung, einer Investition z.

Lernstrategien des Wirtschaftsprüfers für die Fortbildung in IFRS: Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse

Julia Füssel untersucht, wie Wirtschaftsprüfer in der Wissensdomäne IFRS Wissen erwerben und ihre Kenntnisse ausbauen. Es wird gezeigt, dass die Berufserfahrung die Lernstrategie signifikant beeinflusst und im IFRS-Kontext strategisches Lernen eine hohe Bedeutung besitzt.

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Then, as soon as you have sufficient information, you can act. Prevarication, waiting for the ‘Mr Big’ or over-elaborate and complex investigations to get to the root of everything have an inverse proportional relationship between the complexity and length of the investigation and the likelihood of a successful outcome. Short and sharp works, long and complex doesn’t. For an object lesson in long and complex leading to inevitable and ultimate failure, just take the case of Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise, an organisation prone in its latter years to run overly elaborate investigations to find ‘Mr Big’.

If at all possible get Freddie to sign the note as an accurate record of what he has just told Arthur he has done. Then Arthur should immediately contact a senior line manager with cash responsibility and report what he has discovered. It is poor practice to carry out a surprise cash check single-handed and once a problem is identified it will be hard to prove what was said and done at any hearing later. 2. What should Arthur have done once he found the cheques substituted in Wednesday’s banking?

CASH, CASH, CASH Stop thief! The simplest frauds are those that involve the straightforward removal of cash (or other portable assets) and its concealment by altering or suppressing the records. Taking the cash or assets without altering the records is just plain and simple theft. If an auditor or manager (or indeed a colleague) discovers that a member of staff or a contractor has been stealing from the organisation in such a direct way it should be relatively easy for the line manager to institute disciplinary or other formal action immediately.

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