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By Miriam Joseph, Julian Durlacher

This sequence will hint the historical past, describe the discovery or discovery, usually for honorable purposes, and the transition to unlawful and 'recreational' use.

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Ecstasy:Its History And Lor

This sequence will hint the background, describe the discovery or discovery, in most cases for honorable purposes, and the transition to unlawful and 'recreational' use.

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According to studies conducted by the influential market research and analysis organization, the Henley Centre for Forecasting, by 1993 at least £15 million was being spent on drugs every week. Needless to say, the profit margins in the Ecstasy trade were huge and therefore very lucrative for the gangs involved. CHEMICAL CRUSADERS In an interview conducted with a small group of Ecstasy producers in the UK, writer Nicholas Saunders found that they had started out in the business simply because they liked the drug.

They don't look THE ECSTASY CRUSADES 41 like clubbers, they don't look like the lead singer of The Prodigy, they look like me. They're big, violent, sad old gits, they're scumballs. " Rogue dealers who tried to sell drugs in any of the gang's clubs would soon have their money and their drugs confiscated and also ran the risk of getting beaten up. The confiscated drugs were sold on and the money was just an added bonus. Club managements had very little option but to turn a blind eye to the gang's activities.

Many of the new Ecstasy evangelists suggested that, along with breaking down barriers in society, Ecstasy had led to the discovery of certain receptors in the brain that, when stimulated, make human beings want to dance. Either the DJs had found a music that exactly matched the drug of the moment or a drug had surfaced that fitted the current musical trend, like a hand fits a glove. Slowly but surely, the Balearic spirit was left behind. Out went the hip-hop influences in the music and any rock influences that might disrupt the repetitive beat.

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