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By Kwai-Cheung Lo

Cutting edge research of the connection of gender to East Asian fiscal development.

In extra and Masculinity in Asian Cultural Productions, Kwai-Cheung Lo explores the excesses linked to the exceptional fiscal progress in East Asia, together with surplus capital, environmental waste, and the unbalanced ratio of guys to girls within the quarter, connecting the creation of capitalist “excess” to the creation of latest sorts of transnational Asian masculinity. Lo attracts on Lacanian psychoanalysis and Marxist rules in addition to gender idea in his exam of East Asian cultural items corresponding to spiritual and parenting books, transgender literary fantasies, go back and forth writing, gangster videos, woman motion heroes, and on-line video games. via this research, Lo argues that the surplus of Asia’s “masculine” modernization throws into aid the inner inconsistencies of capitalism itself, posing new demanding situations to the order of worldwide capitalism and suggesting new attainable configurationsof international modernity.

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