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By Yvonne Ayo

Notice the conventional existence, ideals, talents and crafts of the peoples of this enormous and historic continent. here's a astonishing and informative advisor to the peoples of an enormous and mysterious continent. great colour pictures supply a distinct "eyewitness" view of the folks, homes, instruments and artifacts of African cultures and civilizations. See the gold of King Kofi-Karikari of the Asante, a priest's dress made from bird's feathers, a traveler's magic allure, the flywhisks and crowns of the Obas of Nigeria and the outstanding distorted mask of the Bamileke of Cameroon. find out how bronzes have been made by means of the lost-wax procedure, concerning the trip of a slave from Africa to North the USA, how elephants have been trapped by means of hunter-gatherers, what lifestyles in a compound is like and what kind of steel may purchase a spouse. notice what ulani warriors and their horses wore into conflict, how a thatched home is equipped, the mysteries of the key societies and the way gourds are carved. and masses, even more!

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Quand marcher demande de mettre son coeur en bandoulière. ..

Lorsque Fleur Fontaine débarque en Afrique, c’est un être fané que le continent accueille. l. a. jeune femme, qui a ecu l. a. probability de naître du bon côté de l’équateur, avance sur un fil de fer. Dans un will pay en reconstruction, elle affronte ses propres territoires ravagés.

Inspirée par le père de los angeles state sud-africaine, Nelson Mandela, elle apprivoise ce que l’on a oublié de lui transmettre; remark se reconstruire, remark pardonner.

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The myth of Oshun tells how the work of the male deities on Earth was unsuccessful until they included her in their ranks. Oshun is prayed to at her shrines (above) for female fertility and protection against disease. THE PRESENCE OF ANCESTORS Ancestor figures, such as those of the Yoruba, are regarded with great respect and are represented by both carvings (left) and masks, which are kept in houses and in shrines. Images of their followers (left) are part of everyday life, and their presence in homes illustrates the importance of life in the community.

62–63) by the secret societies. For example, the Ekpo secret society of the Ibibio uses carved heads in masquerade. This Bambuku head (right) would have been left in a small shelter at the entrance to a village to scare off evil spirits. Typically elaborate hornlike carving Fierce expression on this carved head to scare away evil spirits Carved wooden head of the Bambuku people of the Cross River area of Nigeria and Cameroon Myth and magic Stories about the way the world began and LUCKY CHARMS Certain cultures have been greatly affected by Christianity and Islam, yet still retain some of their traditional religious values.

Continued on next page Continued from previous page Rites and rituals To preserve good health and prosperity, many Africans perform rituals, including ancestor worship. Ancestors are called upon to solve problems, combat evil spirits, cure sickness, and help people through important events in their lives. The priest, who is also the community’s healer, contacts the ancestors in various ways. He may go into a trance or use magical objects such as oracle boards or carved figures. The Yoruba of Nigeria and the Dogon of Mali, for example, use an oracle bowl and board.

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