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The character of Creating Simplicio, Galileo addressed the scholar ill at ease in geometry, while the Dialogues in the Latin translation of 46 GALILEO S PHYSICS Matthias Bcrnegger (1635) spread rapidly all over Europe, despite the Church's ban on the Italian original. They were even translated same year, into English in the as Thomas Hobbes informed Galileo, but no English version was actually available until 1665. At the very moment when many mathematicians and other devotees of science were relenting towards the Copernican theory and this was happening among the Italians, and even among the Jesuits Galileo's book appeared with the most eloquent and persuasive of it that was ever written.

When this happened the science of motion had already become or was very rapidly becoming an exact and mathematical study, and the means were at hand for its extension far beyond the range of immediately also restricted if nature in free will observable bodies. In considering the general nature of motion, things have in common and how their behaviour and accounted how things all moving to be described be content with description of in terms of velocity, time and distance without for, it is possible to move specially defining On kinematics.

Was the of the discussions Dialogues position throughout physical firmly put I by Salviati : might add that neither nor you (Simplicio) can if the centre of die universe Aristotle ever prove that the Earth is de facto any centre may be assigned to the universe, to be placed there . , 12 ; we shall find the sun This opinion rested wholly upon Galileo's concept of inertia. is correctly defined there is a possibility as Newton When inertia was the first to point out in 1679 51 of determining from the descent THE GALILEAN REVOLUTION IN PHYSICS of bodies whether the Earth moves or not (though the experiment is not a good one to choose).

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