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The endometrium is in the early secretory phase. The lymphatics contain small groups of tumor cells as well as a few lymphocytes. x2l0 52 V. Histopathology of the Myometrium References Abell MR, Littler ER (1975) Benign metastasizing uterine leiomyoma. Cancer 36: 2206-2213 Gupta RK, Hunter RE (1964) Lipoma of the uterus: review of literature with views on histogenesis. Obstet Gyneco124: 255-257 Jacobs DS, Cohen H, Johnson JS (1965) Lipoleiomyomas of the uterus. Am J Clin Patho144: 45-51 Kempson RL, Bari W (1970) Uterine sarcomas.

Invasion of lymphatic and vascular channels is typical for this lesion. The tumor cells show little variation in size and shape, the nuclei are round to oval, the nucleoli are inconspicuous. X 135 The exact histogenesis and nature of this rare condition as well as its treatment are still under discussion. Fig. 67. Endometrial stromal sarcoma. The tumors cells are spindle-shaped and display pleomorphic hyperchromatic nuclei. Partly pathologic mitoses are numerous. Reticulin stain may be necessary to distinguish this lesion from anaplastic endometrial carcinoma.

X 85 Fig. 73. Lipoleiomyoma of the uterus. This tumor type is more common than the pure lipoma. Microscopically, it is composed of fat tissue mixed with bundles of smooth muscle cells. X 85 Fig. 74. Leiomyoma. This benign tumor is very common in the uterine wall. The question whether these neoplasms develop from the smooth muscle cells of the myometrium or blood vessels is still under discussion. Estrogens may stimulate their growth. During pregnancy, leiomyomas develop often considerable regressive changes, which can lead to total necrosis of the tumor.

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