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By Prof. G. R. Belitskii, Prof. Yurii I. Lyubich (auth.)

CHAPTER 1 - OPERATORS IN FINITE-DIMENSIONAL NORMED areas 1 §l. Norms of vectors, linear functionals, and linear operators. 1 § 2. Survey of spectral concept 14 § three. Spectral radius . 17 § four. One-parameter teams and semigroups of operators. 25 Appendix. Conditioning normally computational difficulties 28 bankruptcy 2 - SPECTRAL homes OF CONTRACTIONS 33 §l. Contractive operators and isometries. 33 §2. balance theorems. forty six §3. One-parameter semigroups of contractions and teams of isometries. forty eight § four. The boundary spectrum of extremal contractions. fifty two §5. severe issues of the unit ball within the house of operators. sixty four §6. serious exponents. sixty six §7. The equipment of capabilities on graphs. seventy two §8. Combinatorial and spectral houses of t -contractions . eighty one 00 §9. Combinatorial and spectral houses of ninety six nonnegative matrices. §10. Finite Markov chains. 102 §ll. Nonnegative projectors. 108 VI bankruptcy three - OPERATOR NORMS . 113 §l. Ring norms at the algebra of operators in E 113 §2. Characterization of operator norms. 126 §3. Operator minorants. . . . . . 133 §4. Suprema of households of operator norms 141 §5. Ring cross-norms . . one hundred fifty §6. Orthogonally-invariant norms. 152 bankruptcy four - research OF THE ORDER constitution at the SET OF RING NORMS . 157 §l. Maximal chains of ring norms. 157 §2. Generalized ring norms. one hundred sixty §3. The lattice of subalgebras of the algebra End(E) 166 § four • Characterization of automorphisms 179 201 short reviews at the Literature 205 References . .

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Group of whereas the norm of Hence, if ~IRI~ R t 0, then This shows that the identity element of the isometry E is isolated, which in view of the compactness of this group implies its finiteness. o Whether the set spec E is finite or not is completely de- termined by the arithmetic properties of its points. 1. 3. ~o be 6in~~e i~ PROOF. A ~ha~ This emerged Actually, one has the following result. and neQe~~a~y all ~~~ po~n~~ ~u66~Q~en~ be ~oo~~ Qond~~~on 06 spec E 60~ uni~y. 1 (and we already used this observation above).

9. then it a i~ PROOF. operator a i~ AO to a and A spec A IAI = 1. to ~elative EUQlidean in the spectral subspaces with the parts of ~ome no~m, no~m. denote the parts of the EO and E associated lying on, and respectively inside the By the foregoing analysis, endowed with an inner product unitary. 11)). ) the operator A is a contraction. arbitrary x,y E E put where and denote the projections of xo (see the bound It is clear that in the norm defined by the inner pro- x respectively, and similarly for x Finally, for on EO and E_, yo,y_.

E. , the smallest of unity of degree q we let qA denote its Aq = l . Since all roots such that are powers of A, the function A -r qA spec E would be dense in the unit circle and consequently would coincide with the latter, conis bounded on qA spec E : A E spec E To prove its otherwise, trary to the fact that it consists only of roots of unity. proves that spec E This is finite.

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