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MiG-19P (Jet Age Wings Line) КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ MiG-19P (Jet Age Wings Line)By Michal and Susa, Karel OvcacikPublisher: MARK I Ltd.200545 PagesISBN: 8090070892PDF37 MB4+ from the Czech Republic has, through the years, produced a neat line of reference works on a variety of topics from global struggle to the fashionable day. within the most modern “Jet Age Wings Line” quantity they've got became to the MiG-19P relatives. This comprises not just the all-weather MiG-19P, PG, PM, and PML however the approved produced J-6A, J-6B and J-6IV from China. these acquainted with four+ books will recognize what to anticipate, yet if you have by no means indulged earlier than the make a truly necessary one-stop reference paintings for these the finer info in their models.The MiG-19 was once the follow-on to the hugely profitable MiG-15 and MiG-17, with MiG trying to advance the layout right into a supersonic strive against style. finally lower than profitable, the MiG-19 nonetheless observed common provider with either the Warsaw Pact and Soviet shopper states. improvement historical past is roofed within the first couple of pages, all in English. The e-book then is going directly to supply particular plans, in 1/72 scale, color facet profiles of numerous schemes and extracts from technical manuals to accompany the distinctive photographic stroll round of a few preserved airframes. Complementing the drawings are many infrequent pictures of the Farmer in carrier, many in color including to their use for the modeller. With a number of versions of the MiG-19 to be had as much as the Trumpeter 1/32 package, this quantity with be of mammoth use as a reference. even supposing a number of the schemes are common steel, the wide range of clients will supply a few notion. additional the helpful diagrams of the diversity of exterior ordnance observed via a chart supplying universal combos are a pleasant contact. total four+ have produced another worthy reference paintings for the modeller, including to their vast line.Depositfiles zero

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