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By Denton, D.A. and Taste, I.S.O. and Coghlan, J.P. and Medicine, H.F.I.E.P.

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These workers, however, were most interested in the tongue musculature and the quasi-tubular form adapted for nectar feeding. The relation of hummingbirds to the plants upon which they feed is an interesting case of reciprocal evolution. Grant & Grant (1968) suggest that the ancestors of nectariferous hummingbirds may have first sought insects in flowers. The gradual transition to a predominantly nectar diet then followed. Linnets, orioles and other birds, they report, eagerly feed on sugar water when provided in feeders and sometimes seek nectar.

In Fig. 2 it should be noticed that we considered the peaks appearing 3 sec after a salt stimulus or 8 sec after a sucrose stimulation as the after-responses and not the short peak appearing at the moment the stimulus is replaced by the water rinse. Fig. 2 shows that the after-response to salt was more evident, lasted longer and came sooner after the stimulus response than that after sucrose. No after-response was observed after citric acid or when an intermittent flow of water was used. This seems to parallel an observation in man.

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