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By Ivan Nourdin (auth.), Catherine Donati-Martin, Antoine Lejay, Alain Rouault (eds.)

The sequence of complex classes initiated in Séminaire de Probabilités XXXIII keeps with a direction through Ivan Nourdin on Gaussian approximations utilizing Malliavin calculus. The Séminaire additionally sometimes publishes a chain of contributions on a unifying topic; during this spirit, chosen individuals to the September 2011 convention on Stochastic Filtrations, held in Strasbourg and arranged via Michel Émery, have additionally contributed to the current quantity. the remainder of the paintings covers quite a lot of issues, corresponding to stochastic calculus and Markov methods, random matrices and unfastened chance, and combinatorial optimization.

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On the other hand, it is clear by construction that D is a linear operator. Also, using (37)–(38) it is easy to compute the L2 -norm of DF in terms of the kernels fq appearing in the chaotic expansion (39) of F : Proposition 4. Let F 2 D1;2 . Rq / : C qD1 Proof. RC / D RC 20 1 6 X B E 4@ qIq 1 qD1 Z 1 X D 12 3 7 fq . ; t/ A 5 dt pq RC p;qD1 h E IpB 1 fp . ; t/ IqB i 1 fq . RC / D qD1 RC h E IqB 1 fq . q 1/Š RC qD1 fq . RC / have norm 1. Recall (10) and Proposition 1(a). s/dBs : 32 I. Nourdin More generally, the Malliavin derivative D verifies the chain rule: Theorem 10.

2 Any adapted process u that is either c`adl`ag or c`agl`ad admits a progressively measurable version. We will always assume that we are dealing with it. 28 I. Nourdin Definition 1. Let q > 1 be an integer. q 1. f / is called the qth multiple Wiener–Itˆo integral of f . q 2. RC /, is called the qth Wiener chaos of B. We also use the convention H0B D R. The following properties are readily checked. q Proposition 3. RC /. 1. f / D qŠ 0 0 0 2. q/ /: (35) 2Sq p q 3. ˝/ can be decomposed into the infinite orthogonal sum of the spaces HqB .

Rp / by (37), so the desired conclusion holds true as well in this case. C t u We are now in position to state and prove an integration by parts formula which will play a crucial role in the sequel. Theorem 12. Let ' W R ! ˝/. RC / : (53) Lectures on Gaussian Approximations with Malliavin Calculus 35 Proof. RC / (by (47)); t u which is the announced formula. Theorem 12 admits a useful extension to indicator functions. Before stating and proving it, we recall the following classical result from measure theory.

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